Thursday, March 13, 2008

Can you spell RECESSION??!!

I have known for quite some time that my family could possibly be affected by what many "officials" dare not to speak of.... I am talking about recession here... As of March 11, 2008 I am no longer employed.

I got the news two minutes before my work day was through... I know he had a very difficult decision to make and I know he did not want to do this but when the company wasn't bringing in nearly enough money, I knew it was just a matter of time. What sucks is that I had absolutely no time to search for anything else... not that there is anything out there to begin with. I was the one to comfort my boss because of how chocked up he was and because he is a man with a huge heart it hurt me to see him so upset. I have been with this company for almost four years and I have thought of each and everyone of my co workers as family.. yes we would sometimes get on each others nerves and yes we have had our moments but so do we with our own families. What I did not know until I went in to the office the next day to collect my things and to help the office manager out with a few details was that my boss was cutting into his own paycheck for several weeks trying to keep me on. Who does that? He does.

So.. I am taking it easy and trying to devote more of my time to keeping the house clean (whew) and my school work. I will be getting a severance package that will last a few weeks and then If I haven't found anything, I will be filing for unemployment. I have some leads in the works so we shall see..

At least I will have some time to post more:)

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Avitable said...

I'm sorry to hear that. Good luck with finding something new!