Sunday, July 26, 2009

Whoever thinks that Illegal Immigrants can do no harm...

needs to have their heads examined! Chris was laid off in June. He applied for unemployment and when his determination paper came it stated that he also worked for two farms in the Miami/Dade county area. Immediately we were concerned. Chris called the unemployment office in Tallahassee and reported to them that he NEVER worked for the two farms and also told them that it would be impossible for him to work three jobs in 2008 because of the locations. We live in Sarasota. It would take Chris over five hours one way to drive to Miami. That would be one hell of a commute!

Apparently, it is not uncommon for wrong employers to be linked to your data, well, that is what the caseworker said. Until Chris had to attend a seminar at our local Jobs Etc location about finding assistance in job seeking, continuing education that is paid for by the foundation and other avenues to find employment. It is a requirement for anyone that has been laid off to continue with the unemployment benefit assistance. When Chris went to register into their system to be able to apply for jobs via online, he found out that he was already in the system!

A 24 year old Hispanic male is using Chris' identity to seek out jobs. The offenders job locations were the exact jobs that were listed on Chris' Unemployment Determination letter. The county in which this criminal resides is Miami/Dade area. See a pattern?

Chris called the Miami police department and they told him that without an address there was little they could do. I really can't say that we were surprised or shocked by this tidbit of information. He then called the unemployment office again to report this incident so that they could look into the matter. The only good thing so far is that this miscreant has not used the unemployment benefit to collect money. He has only been utilizing the Jobs ETC to look for work. Still, It is still Identity theft! Chris will now access his credit report and look for any discrepancies and he has to report this to our local Social Security office and have them look into the matter, then maybe he can get appropriate law enforcement involved. I am just wondering why he has to do all the leg work. I mean seriously, what the hell do we pay their salaries for if they don't do the work themselves?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Waiting to flatline

I look at the state of our economy as if we are on life support. We are one step away of needing an AED to jump start our hearts. In all seriousness, we are a dying nation and unless we start fixing what is broken, we are either not going to recover or we will be permanently disabled. Pretty dim future for us all if you ask me.

What we should have done in the very beginning was let the big businesses, such as, GM and most of the banks that received bail out money to fail. Instead we, the taxpayer's, own 61% of GM (thanks to the government stepping in) and the banks are sitting on the bail out money instead of issuing it out like they were supposed to. Not one of the people that I know who have phenomenal credit were given loans to help get them out of debt. Hmmm.... why the hell not? Most bank CEO's are living high on the hog because it stated in their contracts that they would receive monetary bonuses. Aren't contracts written based on performance? Seems to me a lot of the high end corporate big wigs performed poorly and down right shady to deem worthy of a bonus to me.

I know of a lot of people that had the same type of contracts with their employers that didn't get their bonuses, because their companies acted responsibly and truthfully regarding the status of said company. They either came out with the truth and told their employers that it would be either get a bonus or still have a job at the end of the year. Many companies even went to the lengths of explaining their financial status by asking that employees take a pay cut in order to let the company survive. My own brother in law took a ten percent pay decrease and gave up his yearly bonus because he would rather have a job than nothing at all. He has a wife and two daughters to provide for. My other brother in law who is a master plumber has been laid off with no assistance whatsoever and his job prospects are zilch, zero, nada. He has a wife and three children and has taken to getting whatever side jobs he can just so his family can SCRAPE BY!

We Americans need to wake the hell up and take back our country before there is no country!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

1.5 Trillion and counting

“I do not believe the federal government should be running health care in our country and levying massive tax increases on America’s small businesses. However, if this Administration and the majority party are going to force government-run health care on the American people, then Members of Congress should be required to enroll in that plan. If the government-run ‘public plan’ is good enough for millions of our constituents, then it should be good enough for Members of Congress,” Said Heller.

I absolutely agree with Rep. Dean Heller. He proposed an amendment to H.R. 3200 or better known as the America's Affordable Health Choice's Act. This would require that all member's of Congress must enroll in the government-run health care program.

So you really need to be told what the result of that was? It was voted against 21 to 18.

So far it is estimated that it will cost us, the taxpayers, 1.5 trillion dollars. I truly believe that estimated is grossly underestimated. Our children's, children's, children's, children's etc.... will be swimming in our big steamy pile of debt.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Affordable housing in the making?

Chris and I have had many conversations regarding what could be done to help people that simply can not afford to buy a home or pay rent that is outrageous because many homeowners are upside down on their mortgages. We have seen, on our street alone, three homes go up for sale only to land on the foreclosure list.

Why not have a community of mobile homes? No, I am not talking about a retirement community. Florida has plenty of those. I am talking about communities tailored made for families. Families that need a stable environment.

It would start with investors who are wanting to help by providing such a community. This could be the next step in affordable housing. Have you seen the improved homes? They are definitely not like the one I lived in for six years back when I lived in Mentor, Ohio. I wouldn't mind owning one myself or at least renting one in a family oriented neighborhood.

The economy is not bouncing back like the government had hoped and I can only see it getting worse still before it even starts to improve. With the housing market still falling and the construction industry almost halting. This might be the best time for an investor or group of investors to make a difference. The trickle down effect... More neighborhoods go into the works and the more people are back to work and then more people able to afford a minimal payment for a decent, well made home. At least I think it is a great idea.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Need to get this done

For the past several months, I have been searching for much needed industrial equipment supplies that will fit my cleaning business needs and won't break my budget. I am having such hard time just trying to find a foldable cart. One that won't cost an arm and a leg and will easily fit into the trunk of my 2001 Malibu.

Chris has suggested that maybe we should make one out of a dolly and a few baskets, but we have yet to find the time to really put our heads together and devise the stupid thing. Then there is the issue of whether or not it would fit in my trunk or would I need to invest in a trunk organizer and just put my cart into the back seat. Just thinking about this makes my head hurt.

I do want to be able to have something by the time season starts which is in late October and early November. Otherwise I am going to end up with arms like Popeye and to me that is not going to be very attractive.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tucks review and wisdom teeth

I haven't been able to do a lot the past several days. Mainly because sharing a computer with an 18 year old is hard. With Jeff needing to complete necessary applications to get his college courses all set and submit needed documents it has taken him some time to do. So, I have waited patiently for my turn.

It also has been hard because the past couple of days I have been sick. Apparently my wisdom teeth have decided to break through at my age. Don't ask me why at 38 years they decided to come through but they have. Apparently, the lower wisdom tooth has cracked one of my lower molars and it has created an abscess. Which has put me into a constant state of radiating pain. Since I do not have health insurance I have been keeping a constant regime of Ibuprofen and Tylenol. It is the best I can do for now, and it has also allowed me to be able to deal with the pain and still get some things done. Unfortunately, for me, the infection has now done a number on my body. Like any antibiotic would do to your system after a long period of time. I have contracted an UTI (urinary tract infection) and have had the most uncomfortable bout of loose bowels, which have irritated any hemorrhoids that have been dormant. Good thing about that is that I was given a sample of Tucks medicated pads to try on behalf of Mom Central and believe me they couldn't have come at a better time. I know TMI, but seriously, it has been a blessing because it works so well. I mean instantaneous relief. It can't get much better than that in my opinion. It is hard enough dealing with one pain than to have to deal with any other subsequent ailment.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Computer for dummies

I have a Dell Inspirion 530. I bought it back in March of 2008. I needed a better computer for school and since the one I had was just about obsolete, I figured it was time to for a new one.

It is heartbreaking that the Internal Hard Drive died a little over a year of getting my new computer. What hurts the most is that everything I had worked so hard on can never be restored. I have lost everything. I would rather do a slimming pills review than have to redo all my hard work. I will recreate most of my documents and implement my spreadsheets for my business but It will take time to finish it all.

Chris worked patiently to try and see if he could retrieve any of my information using his external hard drive and his laptop. He learned how to extract my hard drive and plug it into his external hard drive from his friend, Phil. We also learned how easy it will be to upgrade my computer by adding more ram and a video card. I can't thank Phil enough for his help. It was quite comical to see Chris trying to show Phil the inside of my computer via Chris' laptop camera. Phil schooled Chris on what everything was. I even learned that computers really aren't that complicated.

Will You Be There

I know a lot of people have blogged about Michael Jackson and his untimely death. I wanted to do something different than to rehash what a shock it was.

The very first song that I remember singing and dancing to was "Rock with You". I knew about and heard his earlier songs from the Jackson 5 but that was before my time and I truly did not connect with that era.

I do remember taking a dance class as part of some curriculum in the seventh grade and we learned a routine to PYT which has brought back fond memories for me. I believe it was my first boy/girl dance and I was excited and embarrassed all at once. My sister received Thriller as a Christmas present but it quickly became the family album. MTV played that video over and over and in reality it should of died quickly but I never got tired of watching it. I thought it was the coolest video and song and it mainly because it featured my favorite thriller/suspense actor of all time... Vincent Price.

I liked just about every Michael Jackson song/video that came out after Thriller but the one that I will never tire of hearing is the theme song from Free Willy... Will You Be There.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

It just keeps getting better

Friday night my hard drive gave up the ghost. I am currently working off my son's laptop. Another hard drive is on order ( thanks to my family) so I will have to get used to using Jeff's computer. And I am grateful to Jeff for letting me.

He paid for his computer with his own money and has been working extremely hard the past few weeks. He has already been accepted to the State College of Florida (formerly known as Manatee Community College) He will begin his classes in August. He has been working more hours and will always go in for someone else. His boss calls him first with any more hours available and he always accepts them.

Last week he paid for groceries so that we could have enough for rent. He offered or rather insisted because Chris and I would never ask him.

When we applied for assistance and Chris spoke to the caseworker, she had asked for everyone in the households pay stubs. Chris made it known to the caseworker that Jeff would absolutely not be responsible to contribute monetarily because he needed his money for school, his phone and gas for his scooter. She agreed. We have not heard as of yet whether or not we will receive assistance. Hopefully that will come in Monday's mail.

I am trying not to get stressed but I think that I may need to invest in some kind of wrinkle cream because I am going to be aging a lot faster because stress always finds a way into my life.
I am trying to look at this with a more "it is what it is" attitude but I am not sure how long I can pull that off. I am a worrier by nature. That is one aspect about me that drives Chris bonkers. I have been doing better and I am always trying to catch my thoughts before I make them verbal. This has not been easy but nothing is ever really easy.

We had a great time yesterday. Although, Jeff worked later than anticipated because another co-worker went home ill, we waited for him to get home before we had our cook out and sat in front of our TV (which is a rarity) and enjoyed our movies. We did get to see some fireworks. A neighbor on the next street over actually set off some mortars and we had a spectacular view. That is until the cops showed up:)

Friday, July 3, 2009

No Fireworks for us

Chris and I had a long discussion about what to do for the fourth of July. We have decided to stay home. Not because we want to mind you, but because we simply can not afford to waste gas for entertainment purposes. So unfortunately for us we will just have to rely on our outdoor pillows and blankets to keep us comfortable while trying to see some of the neighbors fireworks displays from our deck. Something that we haven't done in ages. We have also declared a movie marathon night.

I feel less that a stellar mom to Katie right now because she knows that we were planning on hitting the beach scene for an entire day and night. It may not be something that many folks would want to do but Katie was looking forward to it, and for that I feel terrible. I do not even have enough money to buy for sparklers for her and I really hope that maybe she will forget about our tradition but I know deep inside my heart that she won't. She won't complain, she won't get upset, she won't even pout, because she knows that something is different. We have tried to explain to her that because daddy is not working that the money we used to have is not there. Her solution to "helping out the family" is to have a lemonade stand when we have our yard sale a week from tomorrow. She is so determined to do her part in helping the family through this very traumatic and sobering time. I just wish we weren't in this situation.