Friday, April 24, 2009

Slowly but surely....

I am losing weight. Not pounds really but inches. It is taken longer for me because I am over the 30 year mark, which apparently for women, is a downer because we lose weight at a much slower rate than men the same age. Our hormones alone are our greatest enemy when it comes to battle of the bulge. Our metabolism doesn't work the same anymore.

I have noticed since I have been cleaning more frequently now, I am building muscle in my arms, from carrying all my equipment and supplies and my legs are toning from all the vacuuming. My eating habits have changed and I drink a ton of water throughout the day. Of course I piss like crazy but I guess that is a good thing right? I mean, at least my kidneys are getting a work out too. In the beginning I would need to drink at least one energy drink to help me get through a cleaning.

Now.... I rely only on a good balanced breakfast and water. I eat more fruit and less junk. I would probably lose more weight if I could find diet pills that work but with all the different ones on the market, I would be spending a ton of money just to find one that would be right for me. So I guess I am pretty much stuck with losing the weight the old fashion way. But maybe that is the best thing to do anyway. It is all about changing the way I eat and doing more physical work to lose the weight and then maintain so I won't put it back on in the future.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Should strip searches be allowed in our schools?

Six years ago, an eighth grade student, Savana Redding, was strip searched because another classmate accused her of providing her with 400 milligrams of ibuprofen. Savanna was an honor student with no prior record of being a trouble maker. The vice principle took it to another level after a search of her backpack found nothing. With the assistance of the school nurse, they had Savanna strip down to her undergarments and then told her to pull out her bra and her panties which revealed that she had no drugs on her body. The school never once informed her mother of the incident and when Savanna's mother confronted the school official she was simply told that it was a good thing that Ibuprofen was not discovered on her.

Ibuprofen? Really? Now I know that schools have gone over the top on insisting that certain over the counter medicines be held at the school infirmary. I myself have had to take in extra strength Tylenol in for my teenage son. It was kept in the infirmary and was only allowed to be administered by the school nurse. My friend, Kat, has had major complications with the high school keeping and administering a migraine medication for her teenage son. They wouldn't even allow the prescription to be kept at school because it was on a very high narcotic list. Yet her son would come home two –three times a week suffering from migraines. Does this make sense to any of you?

Now Savanna was pulled out of school by her mother shortly after the incident because other students made it difficult for her to be there. At only 13 years old she was humiliated and shamed by school officials being overly rambunctious about their protecting other students against drugs. Savanna is now 19 and is waiting on the ruling of the highest court in the land. The U.S. Supreme Court.

It has taken six years for the this case to be heard and this will definitely be the deciding point on how far schools can and should go in protecting the students welfare from harmful drugs and weapons. I sure hope that someone in that court has common sense and will halt such indecent actions and prohibit another incident like this.

Now, I am all for a school that has a zero tolerance of illegal substances and weapons. But this incident along with many other bullshit stunts that schools have partaken in is just too over the top for me. How many of us would be irate to know that our daughters were stripped searched at school without being informed? I know that Katie's dad and I would be irate and livid and pretty much would want to see blood for violating our daughter. There is no question in my mind that schools are getting way too big for their britches. A teacher can violate/humiliate a student, a student can be mentally and physically brow beaten by bullies and general debauchery can be overlooked but someone carrying a few ibuprofens in their pockets and/or purse will be taken in like a lamb to be slaughtered.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today my dad turns 62 years old. It seems like only yesterday my son, Jeff and my niece, Jessi, were asking my dad if being 50 meant that he was older than dirt. LOL!!! They were only 5 and 6 years old at the time.

I can't fathom how in just 3 more years he can start collecting his pension. He doesn't look his age. In fact both my parents were lucky enough to have the better genes in their families. When Jeff was just a baby my dad was not gray in the slightest. Now although some salt and pepper highlight his temple and crown area it is nowhere near what some 30-50 year olds are sporting.

I am always trying to figure out what to get my dad for his birthdays. He doesn't need or want anything special and when I ask what he would like it's always the same answer "Don't waste your money on me, stock pile it for the kids." Generally, Chris and I take my parents out to dinner and slip a gift card inside his birthday card. And as boring or droll as that sounds my dad always appreciates even the littlest things.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

I’ll keep my freedom. You keep the change.

Yesterday should be a day that goes down in history that Americans are fed up and are wanting their voices heard. Throughout the country many protestors aired their dismay at what the government is doing to us. Sarasota was no exception.

Look, it doesn't matter what party you identify yourself with. Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever… People are getting angry and people want wasteful spending to stop. No more bailouts, no more big government. The greedy banks took our money while NEVER apologizing to us for their part in this despicable economy disaster. Yet…. They are not loaning money out. Millions of homes are already in foreclosure with more to come. Desperate people are doing whatever they can to hold onto their possessions. Jobs are zapping out of existence and millions are receiving unemployment and many have fallen into depression because there are simply not enough jobs to go around. I know from experience believe me.

We cannot let this get any worse. We have representatives that need to hear our voices and they need to know what we want them to do. They need to know that their jobs are not stable unless they start doing something. We as Americans have the right to revoke anyone in our government if they do nothing to stop this situation from destroying our children's future. Let's face the facts folks, our children and our children's children are going to suffer more than we have ever known if this doesn't stop now! Our constitution was set up to protect the people. No more taxation without representation. No more printing bogus money that we simply do not have. NO MORE PERIOD!!!!

Our wallets are bare and covered with cobwebs because big daddy government has already taken all that we can possibly give.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How many children are too many?

My parents in their young adult married life originally wanted six children. My mom had gotten pregnant several times and miscarried all but three. After the birth of my younger sister however, my mom was advised that having more children would put her and any fetus she carried at risk. Were my parents disappointed? Yes. Do they regret not having any more children? No. They felt blessed just to have the three that they believe God gave them.

I always wanted a big family. I loved kids and started a babysitting service when I was only 11 years old. I dreamed of having at least 10 kids with a big yard. Then reality set in. I was blessed with two. Do I regret not having anymore? No. I believe my family will be extended with the arrivals of my grandchildren (hopefully not for at least 5-10 years though)

This got me to thinking about all the reality shows that feature parents with a big family. There is Jon and Kate plus 8, The Hayes family –Table for twelve, The Duggars – 18 and counting. All of which may receive monetary compensation for having their lives aired on television but every one of the husbands do have careers. They made a conscious decision to have big families. Although some additions may have been a surprise. Where the Duggar's are concerned it is all left in the hands of God. They may have more they may not. However, their oldest child, Josh, and his wife have announced that they are expecting their first child.

So what about Octo Mom? Nadya Suleman consciously made the decision to have more children after having six children already. She is a single parent. All 14 of her children were conceived with in vitro fertilization and all from one sperm donor. She doesn't work but she does go to school. Her bills are paid for by donations and welfare and a settlement from an injury and from what I have gathered there will be a reality tv series starring her and her family.

In my opinion, it is one thing to have a life full of children first and then have a tv executive approach you for a series than to somehow try to enlarge your family in HOPES of having a tv executive come knocking on your door.
















Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Chris and I have been sick for better part of last week and I am still struggling to get back to normal. It just seems that I move a step forward and the next day I am thrown three steps back. I hate when this happens.

The kids are off for Spring Break. Jeff has picked up more hours at Auntie Anne's and is working everyday this week except for Wednesday and Thursday and of course Easter Sunday. He is happy about that because he has to buy Prom tickets once school resumes on Monday. He is not sure who he wants to take. I don't know about him sometimes. When I went to Prom it was something I prepared for at least a few months in advance. With Jeff and his slack ass approach it seems that is the normal now for teenagers. Wait till the last fricking minute. He is not the only one because his friends are doing the same thing. Whatever......

Katie has a few things scheduled for her Brownie troop. They are going to the Lowry Park Zoo for their end of year party. The proceeds from selling over 2500 boxes of cookies will pay for their party and also allow family members to attend. So, Chris and I will be going. Jeff has no interest to go with a bunch of 9 year old screaming girls.... haha.... She is also bridging from Brownies to Juniors this year, so a ceremony will be held at the Girl Scout Headquarters in Sarasota sometime in May for that.

Chris and I wanted to take the kids some place nice for Spring Break but with being sick and Chris missing almost a full week of work it is not going to happen this week. Chris has thought about taking some time in a few weeks and just go to Orlando for a weekend. He can get us free hotel rooms at this resort that his company managed in the construction process. This place is huge and the rooms are like suites. NICE.... But it all depends on how busy they are at work and what the resorts schedule is. I would like to go to Sea World. I have not been there since I was a kid. That was a long time ago! LOL!!!!

Other than being sick there isn't much going on around here. I have taken most of this week off from cleaning homes to be home with the kids. I will be working this Friday but the kids will be ok for a few hours. Jeff has been watching Katie for a few months now and picking her up from school when I haven't been able to so I know he is responsible enough to watch her for a few hours.

My grandparents were in a car accident yesterday. My grandpa is ok but my grandma was banged up. She complained about her neck and back hurting and she has bruises all over. Her mouth is cut up and bruised because the airbags deployed. She is still in the hospital for evaluation. They are running all types of tests. The accident involved four cars. The second and fourth cars were cited. My grandparents were the fourth car. Maybe this will be the final straw for my grandpa. I love him but he should not be behind the wheel anymore. I would get nervous driving with him. He would site see instead of drive. I know my grandparents would not like to lose their independence in the way of not driving but sometimes you just need to let go. My dad has already told my grandparents that he will drive them where they need to go. He is semi-retired now so that would not be a hindrance on him to have to drive them to doctors appointments and grocery shopping. They attend the same church so that wouldn't be an inconvenience and my parents live only 5 minutes down the road from them. That is what family is for right?