Saturday, December 1, 2007

My son the GIMP

Jeff did something real stupid yesterday. He and another boy were wrestling on school grounds after school had already ended.
Jeff takes the SCAT bus (local transit here in Sarasota) and ultimately missed the bus because he could not walk to the bus stop. Why?
Well... while waiting to go the bus stop he injured himself while wrestling the other boy and sprained his ankle. Which means that I had to go pick him up. When I got there he was sitting under the pavillon where a local newstation was setting up cameras.. don't know what the were going to be filming but they were there nonetheless.
I parked my car walked over to Jeff. I helped him up and I took his backpack and he hopped to my car. I immediately took him home so his dad and I could check out the injury. His ankle on both sides was swollen but no brusing and he could move it a little. We had him all propped up in bed and alternated the heating pad and ice packs to bring the swelling down and pumped him full of Ibuprofen.
This morning the swelling went down significantly and he is able to put some pressure on his foot and limp. He now has an ace bandage on his ankle.
He still wanted to go into work but the only thing he would be able to do is strictly run the cash register. So.. he called to tell them that he injured himself and that he would still come in if they allowed him that one job. The asst. manager was appreciative that Jeff still wanted him to come in but that he should take it easy today and come in tomorrow. If he still can't do a lot of walking then he would do the register only. Sunday's are apparently the busier of the two days at the mall.
Jeff is liking the idea of being catered to... He is constantly calling my cell to ask for things. I don't mind becasue Jeff is rarely that dependant and he has been extremely healthy otherwise. He is the only one in the family that escaped the stomach virus that Katie brought home. Besides I feel needed with him. I don't normally feel needed or even wanted when it comes to my son. It must be the age. I know he loves me. I don't question that at all it's just the age where most parents are an embarrassment. I have done it with my parents.

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