Thursday, January 31, 2008

Can you tell I have been busy?

There is so much that has gone one that my head is still spinning.....
Ok, let's recap.

1) My son, Jeff, turned 17 this past Sunday. Although I did have a post planned my computer decided that for whatever reason it did not want to cooperate. Therefore it was inadvertantly erased. ARGHH!!! We celebrated it by surprising him with a trip to Busch Gardens. It was not easy by any means trying to coordinate this and allowing him to bring a friend that also was not aware that we were doing this. I really appreciate Patricia's mom for playing along. The kids actually thought we were going to the Aquarium in Tampa. I have to give Jeff credit because he did not once complain about what a crappy time that would be. He would have probably faked enjoying that trip if we actually went through with that.
Jeff has come a long way in the last year. I am so stinking proud of him. He is saving money to buy his first car, he is maintaining his grades very well and has taken on more hours at work. And on top of that he helps me around the house more since I have started back to school.
He has made one request for his birthday next year. He would like to travel to Europe. Specifically Germany, since that is most of our heritage. His father and I have taken his request into consideration and if all goes well we will be setting it up in the very near future. Chris is actually wanting to travel to Europe since his best friend, Phil is in England. I think this will be a great family getaway.

2) My last week of the first term in school finished last Tuesday the 22nd. I am extremely happy to announce that I currently have a 4.0 GPA!!! This achievement did not come easy and of course certain enjoyable past times have suffered. This blog is one of them.

3) Although I do get a week break in between each term, I have spent most of that week catching up on items needing my attention and making time to just relax.

4) My daughter, Katie, came down with the flu this past week. This poor girl was miserable. I feel bad that I may have been the one to give her the bug. I tried so hard to stay away from my kids when I was sick.

I can't promise that I will be posting regularly. But I will try to post once a week. Thanks to all that have stuck around. I really appreciate that. My next two classes have already started and I can already tell that this too is going to be another ten weeks of pulling my hair out!


Allyson said...

Um I was just reading some old posts on Miss Britt's blog... and I discovered you're in Sarasota. Me too! I moved here in May, I just wanted to say hello.

Mindy said...

Welcome stranger to Retirement Central:) haha...