Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's that time of year people.....

and why does it always smack me in the face? I am talking about flu season. I swear the next person to come to work sick is going to get a knuckle sandwich from me personally.

I have been down for the count for five freaking days... My weekend was ruined and I have missed three days from work. I could take vacation days but screw it.. I am not wasting them on being sick. I have barely been able to do any school work. I am caught up but I do not like falling behind.

I have been pretty much a crab ass the whole time. I hate that my family suffers like this but when I get real sick I am freaking miserable. Can't sleep because of the funky ass dreams that fill my head. Talk about being delusional. Eat? No way, Jose. I do drink plenty of fluids though. The numerous potty trips can contest to that.

To top it off it is freaking colder than a witches tit outside and the wind is blowing like crazy. I feel like I am up in Ohio for crying out loud.

Ok... I am still crabby.. and I am getting off before I really let out some steam.

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Kat said...

Oh man, I'm sorry you're so sick. Take it easy and get some rest.