Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Cards with a personal touch...

For a while now I have been contemplating about starting a family tradition of sending out personalized Christmas Cards.  Something that I can include the whole family in, including our pets.  My parents did this one year and they included their dog, Peanut, in on it and it turned out beautiful. 

The selection of pictures you see are done so beautifully and professionally.  My favorite style resembles the postcards.  The postcard style in my opinion would be easy to display and would take up less room, when combined with all the cards one receives over the holidays.  My mom has always hung our cards around the front door and windows, so that our tables were spared the clutter.  I have done that in my own house through out the years. 

Over the years, I have been so disappointed in the selection of Holiday cards in the stores.  Even card shops.  To me spending just a little bit more for something so personal is well worth it.  You know you are going to like what you are buying, and not having to settle for the most decent ones out of a limited selection, and mumbling to yourself how much better you could have done on your own, as you walk out the store with the mediocre run of the barrel selection.

I could always make my own but the cost of getting the software and selecting the right paper and the hassle of cutting.  Never mind, it would be to time consuming and time is the one thing that I do not have enough of.  I think leaving it the professionals is the best choice.  Let the experts do what they are good at right?   

So, next year will be the year that I will have my priorities in order, and get the family together for that perfect picture or maybe just select a few rare family moments, and treat my friends and family to a professional and perfect Holiday card.

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