Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Singing Christmas Tree...

Has become my birthday tradition for the last 4 years.  My mom has been buying my family's tickets and she always picks my birthday for us to come and enjoy.  My mom is also apart of the Choir that is the singing Christmas Tree. 

"The Singing Christmas Tree is an annual music and drama production written & directed by church members, and accompanied by an orchestra. The performance features a multi-story tree, adorned with talented choir members. With the various musical pieces, the tree comes to life in an awe-inspiring light show. In addition, each year's drama performance is new and spectacular, but with a special message." As quoted in the News Herald.

My mom is in the first row, 8th head from the right. 

Our tickets are for 3pm today which is good since I don't have any evening dresses that fit right now. Normally the matinee performance is a casual dress code and  besides, Katie's Christmas Parade with her Junior troop is this evening and we don't want to have to change at the church and stow our formal clothes in the car.  Both events are in Downtown Sarasota so once the performance is over at the church, we will probably get something to eat before heading over to the meeting spot with the rest of the troop.  Sarasota's Christmas Parade is an annual event and the girls enjoy handing candy out to the kids that come down to see the parade.
What is so special about the Singing Christmas Tree this year is that in two weeks, they will be traveling to Germany, to put on the performance for our troops that are stationed over there.  There are about 10,000 of our soldiers that will be seeing this performance along with their families.  None of this would not have been possible if it weren't for so many people donating their time for fundraisers and donating money to help with this cause.  Both of my parents are going although, my dad is not in the choir, he will be helping with setting up the Christmas tree.  Wish I could go but that is not an option.

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greg said...

we the people who see this need to really do what we can do. the more this gets used, the more it will grow in the future. There may come a day when one of us needs that same type of help. We need to spread this word, make donations, and make this blog a permanent thing so everyone can be touched by it at some time. may you all be blessed.