Tuesday, April 5, 2011

If you see the city dump, I live right next door to it!

Our next door neighbors are proving to be pack rats.  Within in a few weeks of moving in, their backyard looks like a city dump.  The back lanai has three sets of mattresses and a filthy run down sofa.  Honestly, who likes living like that?  If you have no use for it then throw the garbage away.  Why hoard it?

They remind me of a family that used to live next door to me when I was a small child.  Their name was Dirtack. Pronounced Dirt Ak. They lived up to their name.  The parents headboard was solely made of empty beer cans.  They had a coffee table that was a semi tire.  Their pool was a cess pool. The water was black! They never cut the grass in the backyard and the grass was almost as tall as my dad's waist.  I don't know how they could find anything back there.  Their front yard looked like a mechanics shop with all the torn apart cars. 

We lived next door to this family for five years.  The city took their house away for non payment of taxes and when the city came in to clean everything up, they were all dressed in hazmat suites.  They found three dead dogs in the backyard along with car parts and lawn equipment that had rusted during the winters. Oh, I am sure there was more but that is all that I remembered.  Even a five year old child like myself knew that wasn't a way to live.

I have now officially named our new neighbors the  "new" Dirtack's.  Yesterday, the man of the house, brought home a rv.  This rv looks like it has been sitting in a backyard for decades with no maintenance done to it at all.  Chris talked to him about what he was going to do with it.  Apparently he is going to restore it and have the rv repair guy over tomorrow to look at the mechanics of it.  Meanwhile, it will sit in the backyard like it looks like it has always done.  The guy was telling Chris that he and his family would like to start camping and the rv is big enough to accommodate his entire family.  I am guessing that the rv will sit until they move again.  I don't see that rv going anywhere anytime soon.

This morning, while Katie and I were leaving, I saw the guy bring home and park in the front yard a food trailer.  The kind that you see at carnivals and get elephant ears from.  I can't wait to find out what he plans to do with that.  Chris will have a fit if the guy tries to feed people from his front yard.  Our yard will look like a parking lot and Chris will not tolerate that one bit.

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