Monday, February 16, 2009

Feeling a whole lot better now.

The past few weeks I have been battling pneumonia. I made it worse by continuing to work and then it just knocked me out. I am feeling much better now and I have an enormous amount of work to catch up on. I will never do that to myself again.

A lot has happened since I last blogged. My dad lost his job as a maintenance man for a condo association on Longboat Key. It was nothing my dad did or didn't do, they just changed board members and the vice president let my dad go so that he could bring in his friend that didn't have a job. I don't think it is fair or that something like that should even happen without the residents vote but they did it anyway. My dad's boss was livid but there is nothing he can do to stop it without the possibility of losing the account. In this day and in this economy I understand that fear! My dad's boss did do something that normally they wouldn't do. They told the board members that they would have to give my dad notice and allow him to train the new guy and they would have to pay him a weeks severance pay. The firm that my dad worked for will definitely place my dad somewhere else when a position opens up. It still angers me that they let him go in the first place.

Katie is selling Girl Scout cookies again and so far we have done two cookie booths. Friday and yesterday. We were signed up for six but they took one away to give to another girl that "mistakenly signed up for a wrong day" and the only other booth slot left was for a day that Katie is already working. I am not going to allow Katie to work two shifts ( 4 hours total) on the same day. Two hours is plenty long enough for a nine year old! Chris, Katie and I do our best to help the troop reach their goals every year and this year it seems like we are the bubonic plague or something. There are only a handful of girls that we will work with because the other handful do not do anything but whine and complain. I can not and will not participate with them or their parents. It's sad but I can't make them do what they are supposed to do. I am not their parent!

Jeff is seriously looking into buying his scooter. We have shopped around here locally for a 50cc and the prices are absolutely mind boggling. We shopped online and found the same exact bike for $689.00 plus with the cost of shipping would make it $888.00 While the same exact bike sold here is $1300.00 I can't justify spending the extra $400 or so just to help a local merchant! No difference in the bikes or warranty either.

That's all I am going to rant about now! I am getting a headache just thinking about these things.


Kat said...

Glad you are feeling better, I should have the money sometime tomorrow, I will call you when I get cash in hand so you can come pick it up.

Went to Publix yesterday, there was a booth of GS there selling cookies.
3 girls, 2 moms.
The girls spoke so softly, just pointed to the table of cookies, I think they asked me if I wanted to buy some, but they were mumbling. They looked older than Katie too.
I said "No thank you, we have 4 boxes already, my friends daughter is a GS."

The girls looked sad, turned to their moms and said "We're not selling any, can we go home?" looked like they were gonna cry.
Then the moms gave me a wicked nasty look, like I was lying.

Mark saw their faces and got pissed.
He said to the moms, "My mom's friend Mindy has a daughter named Katie, we buy from her every year. We got 2 boxes of Samoas and 2 boxes of Tagalongs. Sorry we're not buying from you, but we support Katie, she's a good kid and doesn't throw tantrums when people say no thank you."

The moms shot me an even nastier look, I just smiled and said, "It's true. Katie is polite, she says thank you, she smiles, she doesn't cry when people say no thank you to her. Maybe you'd sell more cookies if your girls were more polite and had manners. Crying and saying they want to go home will not help them make more sales. Teach them some manners and maybe you'd sell some."

The moms looked totally appalled, but seriously?
They're out there throwing tantrums when people say no.
In this economy, $3.50 for a wicked small box of cookies is a lot of money.
Publix had Chips ahoy cookies on sale, all their different flavors, chewy ones, the white fudge ones, all of them were on sale. Regular price was $3.59, on sale for 2.99 and get 1 free.

If you want to sell super small boxes of expensive cookies, you need to be polite, smile, be excited about it, make people want to buy them, and not throw a tantrum when someone says no.

Mindy said...

LMAO!!! It's really a show of how the girls are raised! There have been times when Katie has gotten down but we have always reminded her that there are people that will say no. Period. And that it is ok. We taught Katie to thank them no matter what there response was.