Monday, February 23, 2009

I am having a Calgon moment...

The last few weeks have been very hectic and stressful. Battling pneumonia, making sure all paperwork and whatnot's are complete for Jeff's graduation AND college enrollment.

Finalizing the cap and gown order (because Riverview has no idea what they are doing) By the way, whoever heard of buying your cap and gown? That is so ridiculous! It's like a prom dress. It's only going to be worn ONCE! Y'know when this is all said and done I am going to NEED a few weekend getaways.

My best friend, Jennifer, and I have have talked about the expense of buying what is needed for graduation, the party, a few mementos for the kids to remember their high school days, getting their crap ready for college. We both decided that once the two siblings (Jeff and her daughter, Cassie, are half brother and sister) graduate that we will all get together and celebrate their milestone. So, sometime in June they will be coming here so we can celebrate the kids accomplishment together. I know Jennifer and I will probably cry more tears because they represent an accomplishment for us. Both our children have carried out what we could not and both our children have grown into mature and responsible people. And as Jennifer said to me " We did good by our kids, neither are parents"! I had to laugh at that because that was one of my biggest fears, becoming a grandparent before Jeff graduated high school!

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