Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back to Square one

Ok.. test for the tumor at the base of the tongue came back negative BUT... the doctor doesn't think that the pathologist examined all the tissues... SO... I have a PET scan set up in two weeks and in between another biopsy will be performed but ...on the neck this time. Basically we are back to square one. DAMN IT!!!

The doctor is pretty sure that there is no infection going on at all because the antibiotics that he had me take have not reduce the swelling of the lump in my neck or the mass at the base of my tongue. At this point his thinking is still cancer and it is just a matter of finding it. It may be a good thing that he is being so persistent because it could only be at phase 1 which is a very good thing to treat. The higher the phase the more invasive the treatments would be and right now I am hoping for the less invasive. I will keep you guys posted as I receive information. Right now all I want to really do is take a nap.

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