Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Finding what was lost

Something wonderful has happened to my friend, Kat. Despite the numerous battles she has had to fight over the last several years and the little life annoyances that can throw you even deeper into despair she definitely had a silver lined cloud waiting for her.

Kat was placed into a foster home right from birth. She never knew her real mother and father. She always knew that she was adopted. So she didn't really know that she had siblings out there. All of them residing in Maine. In fact she went to high school with her full blooded sister and her sister knew but was told not to tell. Over twenty years later not only has Kat been reunited with her sister but has found out she also has two half brothers. They all share the same mother. This reunion would have never of taken place if the Today show did not run the story of the long lost brothers and sister yesterday. Check this out.
Now check this out!

I can't stress enough about the importance of allowing adopted children to be able to search for their families. I know that Kat would love to know more about her medical history but just knowing that you can have so much more than that is just the icing on top of the cake.

My husband and his best friend are both adopted. I know that both of them would love to know their siblings. Chris has three brothers and a sister out there somewhere and his best friend found out a little while ago that he also has a brother and a sister that he would love to find. That is so important to the both of them. However, most states do not have their adoption records readily accessible and what a shame! I think we need to revamp our adoption system and make a free registry to allow siblings to locate one another. Chris' siblings may not know how to find Chris because only two of them that we know of were put up for adoption and that was Chris and his brother David. The rest of the siblings stayed with their dad. They were also older.

I am so happy for Kat and her new found family. She deserves this and it couldn't have come at a better time for her!

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Draven said...

I am so happy for Kat, I just got done playing the today show back to my hubby and I am crying again. She needed this bit of sunshine and it warms my heart just to watch their reunion...