Sunday, March 18, 2007


I have never been the type of person that made lots of friends. Don't get me wrong I have friends but very few. I do have a lot of acquaintances. I have issues with trust. Chris could tell you tons of stories regarding my trust issues..hell he could probably write a best seller on that.

Since I have started surfing the net and stumbling onto different blog sites I have developed an addiction to it. It inspired me to start my own site. Mainly to keep family that live 1200 miles away up to date with what's going on in my life and to come out of my introvert shell a little bit.

The first blog I found and quite literally by mistake was This site belongs to my friend Kat. I read her site for about 6 months before I left a comment to any of her posts. She lives in the same city as I do, she is a single mom, which I myself was a single mom for a good seven years before I met Chris . She is a smart, caring, kind and down to earth woman but for some odd reason she doubts herself. Although to be completely honest I have doubted myself for years.
We are similar in many ways. I have met her only twice for very brief times. First was to drop off her Girl Scout Cookie order and the second was to bring her something I thought she could use. She has helped me greatly by advertising my business on her site and posting a very heartwarming blog about my business. We email back and forth from time to time. Kat has been ill lately and keeping up with what she does has been hard for her. I was truly worried for her when I noticed that she was not posting as often as she normally does. Sometimes it was days before I would see a new post. I hope she finds out soon what is causing her illness and gets the correct treatment. She has been through enough shit already. She is a Scoliosis survivor. She had to have two surgeries to straighten her back. She had to have two steel rods and tons of pins put in her back to have it corrected. She is still having to take pain meds for the crap she had to go through and also will have to start going to physical therapy. In my opinion she is one strong woman.

She is a wiz at posting for PAY PER POST and I enjoy the way she incorporates her experience to the ones she picks out. She is extremely talented in many ways and I admire her personality and the way she states her opinions and doesn't give a rat's ass whether you agree with her or not.
Go check out her site and find out for yourself what a wonderful, straight forward brass personality, and truly amazing person she really is.


kat said...

Thank you for the sweet words.:)

Yeah, I do doubt myself. It doesn't seem to matter how old we get, self esteem is always an issue. Do we look good enough? Are we good enough?
I'm working on it. I think it's all the years I didn't look right, still messing with my head.
For most of my life, I had a huge protruding hump on my back from scoliosis. It was noticeable, people stared.
Even though it's been gone for a year now, I still have that feeling that people are staring at the "freak show".
I always worry if I'm god enough, smart enough, pretty enough. A very common problem for women of all ages really.

Anyway, I love helping people out and if posting a blogad has helped you guys with your biz, then I'm happy.
I just like helping people. :)

robert swayze said...

Hey Mindy...u r quite rightly justified and there's nothing to get u wrong...its good to be choosy about friends coz u never knoe when friends become foe in ur life..u can hardly trust anyone in today's life...and its really an honor for both u and ur friend Kat that u guys r so good friends to care for each other...keep going ur friendship and do drop by my blog to check out some really exciting friendly ideas that awaits wishes :)