Friday, March 16, 2007

Reese and Bentley

At 6:45 our babies arrived. OMG they are beyond words. Marci and her husband did not stay long because they had other deliveries to make but she asked us to call her in the morning to give her an update on Bentley and Reese. We were supposed to go get them at their friends house but due to traffic on I-75 it was easier for them to bring them to us.
Not long after they left we went directly to PetSmart for all the necessities. There was no sense in getting them until we had the puppies.

Just about everyone there stopped to see the puppies. They were so well behaved. Reese nestled in my arms and Bentley stayed close to daddy's chest the whole time were there. Our bill was slightly costly because they are on Science Diet and that shit ain't cheap. We got food bowls, a self filling water bowl, toilet training pads, harnesses, tags(with their names on them), air tight containers to hold their food and Scooters, a couple of toys.
We also had to get Scooter something otherwise she would get this attitude like we don't love her anymore. Every time we bring another animal home we have to slowly introduce them or she gets a tude. She is a smart dog but definitely a woman haha.... I will be posting pictures of my brood as we take them. Chris brought his digital camera home from work so we could take a ton of them( gotta send some to the family up north).
I am spending time with Scooter for a little while before going to bed or she will be mad at me in the morning. And then it will be off to bed with the babies nestled beside me on their pillow or maybe Chris already has them in bed with him:) Yep... I bet he does:)

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