Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Is it March already?

Damn.... I can't believe March just crept around the corner like that. I was talking to a co-worker today and realized that soon enough it will be Christmas all over again. I really have to slow down and soak in every minute I can with my kids. Jeff will be graduating before I know it and pretty soon my little Katie will be a teenager (I am definitely not ready for that yet).. I know I have at least 6 years before Katie is a teenager but the way time is flying by it will get here quicker than I want to admit.

Chris has announced that during Spring Break (last week in March) that we are going to take a couple of days and spend time with the kids doing something. I am not sure what but I bet he has something in mind. With our jobs it is hard to coordinate time off when the kids are off from school and Chris can not take more than three days off at a time because he is the only one that does what he does (new construction inspector).

Technically I really shouldn't be taking time off right now myself but I have a cool work family and they understand my need to spend quality time with my family. Besides with the economy right now we are nowhere near the busy season as we were last year. We are getting inundated with a lot of calls with plumbers looking for work. One big name company in Sarasota just laid off half their plumbers and office staff.

I am hoping that our personal business does consistently well so in the future I can concentrate most of my time running it from home and not have to work outside of the home. I would really love to do more with my kids before they get too old to want to hang out with their mama. Well.... Jeff already looks at me like I am losing my marbles when I suggest we do things together. It wasn't that long ago that I would purposely set time aside to take him to the movies or miniature golfing. When did I become the embarrassing mom?


Mr. Fabulous said...

You want to spend quality time with your family?


Belle said...

I *so* know what you mean! All of it...time flying by, needing to soak it all up and spend as much time as possible with the kids....

So, mine are wanting a pool. We're going to spend some quality time together building a fence to surround it!

Mindy said...

The kids and I would absolutley love a pool however the Big Kahuna nixed that idea a while back. Cheap Bastard:) haha... no really we would prefer a much larger yard before getting a pool.