Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What to do....

when the only time I have to post on my site is during work? I mean I am at work now and everyone around here is surfing the damn web. I might as well take advantage of that too:) This past weekend has been a busy one.
Katie's Girl Scout cookie booths are finally over. Geez... I was beginning to dream about the damn cookies:) but at least the girls reached their goal and will have more than enough to sponsor their next year camping trips and so on.

Jeff is still working hard at the same job although he is looking for a better one. It's hard finding an employer that understands that school is priority and the job is second.

Chris has been working on our business website. Tweaking things and feverishly trying to find a cheap shipping rate for our neighbors in Canada. Never thought we would have that problem. Our distributor does not ship to outside the United States. So we would have to have the merchandise shipped to us and then reship it most likely by USPS. It would just take a week or two longer for our customers in Canada to receive their goods. You learn something new every day.

Me? Well I have been contemplating in my head the order of which I need to take care of the things around my house that have been neglected for too long now. My head hurts already :) also we get our puppies this weekend and the house definitely needs puppy proofing. And of course we need to get their necessities before they arrive. So I am pretty sure we will be shopping for those things on Friday. Chris' family is coming over for St. Patricks Day dinner (corn beef and cabbage) I am personally not a big fan of that meal so a few of us will be having lasagna.

What have you been up to?

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