Friday, April 24, 2009

Slowly but surely....

I am losing weight. Not pounds really but inches. It is taken longer for me because I am over the 30 year mark, which apparently for women, is a downer because we lose weight at a much slower rate than men the same age. Our hormones alone are our greatest enemy when it comes to battle of the bulge. Our metabolism doesn't work the same anymore.

I have noticed since I have been cleaning more frequently now, I am building muscle in my arms, from carrying all my equipment and supplies and my legs are toning from all the vacuuming. My eating habits have changed and I drink a ton of water throughout the day. Of course I piss like crazy but I guess that is a good thing right? I mean, at least my kidneys are getting a work out too. In the beginning I would need to drink at least one energy drink to help me get through a cleaning.

Now.... I rely only on a good balanced breakfast and water. I eat more fruit and less junk. I would probably lose more weight if I could find diet pills that work but with all the different ones on the market, I would be spending a ton of money just to find one that would be right for me. So I guess I am pretty much stuck with losing the weight the old fashion way. But maybe that is the best thing to do anyway. It is all about changing the way I eat and doing more physical work to lose the weight and then maintain so I won't put it back on in the future.

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