Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Chris and I have been sick for better part of last week and I am still struggling to get back to normal. It just seems that I move a step forward and the next day I am thrown three steps back. I hate when this happens.

The kids are off for Spring Break. Jeff has picked up more hours at Auntie Anne's and is working everyday this week except for Wednesday and Thursday and of course Easter Sunday. He is happy about that because he has to buy Prom tickets once school resumes on Monday. He is not sure who he wants to take. I don't know about him sometimes. When I went to Prom it was something I prepared for at least a few months in advance. With Jeff and his slack ass approach it seems that is the normal now for teenagers. Wait till the last fricking minute. He is not the only one because his friends are doing the same thing. Whatever......

Katie has a few things scheduled for her Brownie troop. They are going to the Lowry Park Zoo for their end of year party. The proceeds from selling over 2500 boxes of cookies will pay for their party and also allow family members to attend. So, Chris and I will be going. Jeff has no interest to go with a bunch of 9 year old screaming girls.... haha.... She is also bridging from Brownies to Juniors this year, so a ceremony will be held at the Girl Scout Headquarters in Sarasota sometime in May for that.

Chris and I wanted to take the kids some place nice for Spring Break but with being sick and Chris missing almost a full week of work it is not going to happen this week. Chris has thought about taking some time in a few weeks and just go to Orlando for a weekend. He can get us free hotel rooms at this resort that his company managed in the construction process. This place is huge and the rooms are like suites. NICE.... But it all depends on how busy they are at work and what the resorts schedule is. I would like to go to Sea World. I have not been there since I was a kid. That was a long time ago! LOL!!!!

Other than being sick there isn't much going on around here. I have taken most of this week off from cleaning homes to be home with the kids. I will be working this Friday but the kids will be ok for a few hours. Jeff has been watching Katie for a few months now and picking her up from school when I haven't been able to so I know he is responsible enough to watch her for a few hours.

My grandparents were in a car accident yesterday. My grandpa is ok but my grandma was banged up. She complained about her neck and back hurting and she has bruises all over. Her mouth is cut up and bruised because the airbags deployed. She is still in the hospital for evaluation. They are running all types of tests. The accident involved four cars. The second and fourth cars were cited. My grandparents were the fourth car. Maybe this will be the final straw for my grandpa. I love him but he should not be behind the wheel anymore. I would get nervous driving with him. He would site see instead of drive. I know my grandparents would not like to lose their independence in the way of not driving but sometimes you just need to let go. My dad has already told my grandparents that he will drive them where they need to go. He is semi-retired now so that would not be a hindrance on him to have to drive them to doctors appointments and grocery shopping. They attend the same church so that wouldn't be an inconvenience and my parents live only 5 minutes down the road from them. That is what family is for right?


Kat said...

OMGosh! I'm so sorry! I had no idea they were in an accident, and here I am, calling you guys for help with my AC.

Mindy said...

Kat - They are fine. If it were really bad I would have told you.