Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How many children are too many?

My parents in their young adult married life originally wanted six children. My mom had gotten pregnant several times and miscarried all but three. After the birth of my younger sister however, my mom was advised that having more children would put her and any fetus she carried at risk. Were my parents disappointed? Yes. Do they regret not having any more children? No. They felt blessed just to have the three that they believe God gave them.

I always wanted a big family. I loved kids and started a babysitting service when I was only 11 years old. I dreamed of having at least 10 kids with a big yard. Then reality set in. I was blessed with two. Do I regret not having anymore? No. I believe my family will be extended with the arrivals of my grandchildren (hopefully not for at least 5-10 years though)

This got me to thinking about all the reality shows that feature parents with a big family. There is Jon and Kate plus 8, The Hayes family –Table for twelve, The Duggars – 18 and counting. All of which may receive monetary compensation for having their lives aired on television but every one of the husbands do have careers. They made a conscious decision to have big families. Although some additions may have been a surprise. Where the Duggar's are concerned it is all left in the hands of God. They may have more they may not. However, their oldest child, Josh, and his wife have announced that they are expecting their first child.

So what about Octo Mom? Nadya Suleman consciously made the decision to have more children after having six children already. She is a single parent. All 14 of her children were conceived with in vitro fertilization and all from one sperm donor. She doesn't work but she does go to school. Her bills are paid for by donations and welfare and a settlement from an injury and from what I have gathered there will be a reality tv series starring her and her family.

In my opinion, it is one thing to have a life full of children first and then have a tv executive approach you for a series than to somehow try to enlarge your family in HOPES of having a tv executive come knocking on your door.

















scrappymommy3 said...

I would LOVE to have a large family. If I could I would be the next Duggars. I would do it because I love kids, not to be on TV. I am restricted with only have 4 kids total. I am having my last baby in Dec and I am happy yet sad at the same time. I would so love more kids.

Mindy said...

scrappymommy3 - Congratulations!