Monday, May 11, 2009

Battle of the bulge.

You would think with all the non stop activities in my life and how extremely busy I am that weight would not be an issue for me. I actually did not start to gain all this extra 40-50 pounds until after I moved to Florida. I am not sure if it was all due to stress of moving and not knowing anyone except family or if I was unhappy.

I was not an overweight kid. I was actually pretty slim, even though I thought I was chunky in high school. I don't know why I thought that of myself. I was in great shape! I will have to admit that when I was pregnant with Jeff, I gained at least forty pounds. I was a stressed and miserable mess back then. I did lose majority of the weight after giving birth but still kept about 10 pounds.

Then the yo-yo cycle started to happen. I would lose weight without doing anything and then gain it all back and then some. When I tried to diet, nothing worked. I tried just about every diet pill out there. The only thing that I found that really worked was Ephedrine. Yes, I know all about the side effects and the dangers of Ephedrine. But you know what? If it weren't for the idiots that didn't know how to follow directions it would have not be banned.

Then it got me to thinking about all the diet supplements that are out there. I have surfed many sites promoting a certain product and other sites that list diet pill reviews and it just made me wonder how many of us are dealing with weight issues. I don't really think that a lot of Americans are overweight because of lack of exercise. I think it's because we are well over our daily portion levels. We have forgotten the basics of why we need to eat. We eat more out of pleasure and not out of necessity. Our portions are way over the daily requirement.

I have been trying to get my family to stick with portions. We start off our meal with a full glass of water before we even touch our food. We are eating less and we are not snacking after 7 p.m. I have noticed some weight loss not as much as I had hoped to loose in one week but I know that by doing it the right way it will stay off for good because our bad habits are being replaced with good ones.

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