Friday, May 22, 2009

Sometimes you just never know....

My mom is an office manager for an upscale condominium on Longboat Key. Numerous residents are having renovation work done to their condos and many of them use different contractors. I stopped by yesterday after finishing a cleaning in another condominium complex to say hi to my mom. I could tell that she was distracted when I arrived and as usual she was on a phone call so I waited patiently.

When she finished her phone call she told me what was going on.
She was waiting on a lock smith because one the owners had just fired their contractor and apparently the contractor took the lock box and all the keys to the unit. This was after the owner fired them. My mom didn't know until after the fact and had told the owner that said contractor was there this morning. My mom thinks that maybe the contractor or his employees took things out of the condo that they should not have.

When the lock smith arrived my mom took the man up to the unit so that once he got it open (he would have to pick the lock) she could see exactly what was taken. She was very upset when she came back to her office. She immediately called the police and then the owner. Apparently the unit is gutted. There are no interior walls. Every piece of furniture is gone. Windows were taken out and all the doors right down to the door hardware are gone. The only thing they were supposed to be doing was remodeling the kitchen and bath. There was absolutely no reason to touch anything else.

The police have started their investigation. The owner is on her way down and will have to stay in the guest suite because there is no way she can live in her own unit. The contractor has called my mom repeatedly and he is harassing her. Stating that she had no right to call the police and she better watch her back. Oh yeah the police know because the dumbass called while they were still there.

Apparently he is a legitimate contractor and has all his credentials in order but I am not sure why this one particular job went so wrong. But, to actually threaten another person because what you did was wrong is asinine. I just can't understand the fact that after the owner fired him why he would come back and take the lockbox and all the keys. I mean if you think you did the best job and someone wasn't happy about it, you would feel bad but you wouldn't railroad yourself just because you may be upset. This contractor went over the deep end big time.

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