Thursday, May 14, 2009

Keep shining Katie... I love you

Katie is in the second row, first one on the right.

On Tuesday, Katie was recognized by her teacher and her elementary school for being an outstanding student. I can't say how much this pleased me.

Katie was diagnosed with ADD (attention deficit disorder) in the middle of the school year. Chris and I both knew that something more than just her hearing was affecting her. She has had an extremely difficult time with school ever since she started kindergarten and I chalked it up to her loss of hearing that made it quite hard for her to comprehend and retain anything that she had been taught.

She has done a remarkable job this year and I am so happy that her teacher thought so as well...

Also, Katie and her second grade class has been working hard on their Patriotic Performance for the whole school as well as some of the assisted living communities in Sarasota. I was told by one of the office administrators that Channel 40 would be there to highlight their performance this afternoon and then the parents will be treated to a performance this evening. I can't wait to see her doing what she loves to do best.

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