Thursday, December 17, 2009

Proof is in the Pictures

I have been wanting to post pictures of the aftermath. Apparently there are people out there that grow suspicious if you don't provide such photos when a tragedy or illness takes place. To me that is stupid to have such a mind set. So for all that were ever in doubt of the crap that I had to endure.... this is for you.

Kat took these for me. I would have never been able to do this myself at that time. This was about a week after the bandage was taken off. It's a little dark, but you can definitely see it.

I took this one today. It looks swollen still but that is because I have been doing my daily physical therapy, which by the way is not fun by any means!
You can see that in just a few weeks the mobility in my neck is a lot better. My neck and face are still a little swollen but hey what do you expect. The rope like effect is from the drain tube that was left in after surgery. It was taken out before I left the hospital. I was told that the scar and swelling will take at least eight months to fully subside. The numbness that I have have from my left ear all the down past my left shoulder could take up to a full year and I may not recover all of the feeling back.

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Kat said...

It is totally silly that things like this have to be proven, but there really are people out there that have doubts over things like this.
For instance, this past week, a blogger's 2 year old son drowned in their pool, the mom Twittered for people to please pray, the baby fell in the pool, medics were working on him, she was Twittering looking for comfort, but some asshat had to go and call fake.
They actually Twittered back and posted to their blog that they didn't believe the baby had drowned, for people to not send any donations or sympathy, and then when it was confirmed, the bitch took to her blog again to say that if the mom hadn't been blogging and Twittering, the baby wouldn't have drowned.
I shit you not, this heartless sack of shit actually did this just this past week.
Read this post;
And she continues to post nasty stuff about the mom who just lost her baby boy,

So yes, it really sucks that we all have to prove things like this, cancer, surgeries, deaths, it is because of complete and total douchebags like this fucking cunt who are the reason for everyone having to prove anything we go through.

I was glad to help you by taking pictures, I just feel bad that we have to post pictures at all, that we all have to prove things like this, it's not right or fair, but there are so many fucking shit-stains like this cunt out there that force us to prove it, and even after we prove it, they still can't shut their fucking pieholes to let us deal with it, or in the case of the mom who lost her baby boy, grieve for the tragic loss.