Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hump Day

When I was much, much, much younger I used to giggle when I heard an adult use that term. Not that I am older I am understanding the true meaning of why we call Wednesdays, Hump Day.
I have a vision in my mind that when we all begrudgingly go back to work on Monday mornings it's almost like we have to climb a imaginary hill to make it to the end of the week. It is only when Wednesday comes around that I get the feeling that I have "made it" to the middle of the week and the last two days is like running downhill, like the week will be over faster.

I am not quite sure why I think like that because to be honest with you my work days are not that hard to muddle through. My weekends however are the hard days. That's when all the little necessities that have been ignored all week need my attention. I think it is definitely time for a lifestyle overhaul. I need to find a way to muster the energy needed after putting in a nine hour workday to come home and take care of what's needed so that I can start enjoying my weekends and not dreading the impending doom.

And with school starting in less than two weeks... we all have to get into the early morning routines and establish the organization that my kids have tossed into the wind on the last day of school only a few short months ago. I am already exhausted just thinking about it.

I would like other's take on how they keep the organization flowing... short cuts taken and what not.


Humincat said...

Flowing organization??? How about my version of the daily grind? I know you have to get off to work, but what about early morning cleanup (I always do at least 10-15 mindless minutes of picking up/putting away/laundry starting while my brain wakes up) and then eat and get ready and leave and when you get home 2-3 hours of cleaning/cooking/homework checking/errand running/laundry finishing and an hour(or less) of tv/blogging before bed (thats when the fun starts, hehe). I always pd my bills and/or picked up dinner stuff at my lunch breaks and put it in the office fridge. The weekends of course were busier, but that was because of everyone needing/wanting to go somewhere, so I had to start putting my foot down and saying "not before: whatever HAD to get done for me to relax; clean bathrooms, dishes done, backyard cleaned, etc." And your kids are old enough to help out with more so maybe you need to learn to delegate better and then follow up. And maybe you need to let some things go, for the sake of sanity. You are not superwoman, you are human, and you are a great person, so give yourself a break, and stick with it. I just went back and read this comment, sorry if it sounds condescending, just trying to give some ideas/tips that worked for me. Good luck.

Mindy said...

humincat- LMAO haha... for the record you did not sound condescending. Thanks it help put things into perspective.