Sunday, October 7, 2007

Feeling better.

I am feeling better and I will be at work tomorrow... *sigh* I so wish that I could stay home and be able to make the money I am making now.. well maybe a little more would be nice. Although I wasn't feeling up to par I still got some things done. Well I am off to see what the rest of you are up to. Hope you have a happy Monday:)


latt├ęgirl said...

Glad you're getting over the bug, whatever it was. I would say maybe the joint problems could be seasonal change, but then I remembered you're in Florida! No such radical changes as we get here!

I lost my job... (wahhh!) but thank god I have my original vocation, translation, to fall back on. I will be out pounding the pavement again this week, though, looking for another part-time job.

Humincat said...

Glad you're feeling better and here's to the boutique having a sucessful holiday season!!

Mindy said...

lattegirl - Thanks hon.. sorry about the hotel gig not working out but it's their loss.

humincat - Thank you and from your lips to Gods ears on the succesful season:)