Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Waiting for the house market to come down.

It’s no secret that people are not buying houses like they used to. Chris and I have been shopping around for the “right” home for us for over two years and now that we have an additional family member our specifications have changed. We live in Sarasota Florida where the houses that are on the market are outrageously over priced. Although they have been slowly coming down they still are nowhere near what we want or are willing to pay. Our first step will need to be searching out different types of mortgages.

Now being that this will be our first house ever there are different mortgage home loans to consider. Chris’ parents have been very helpful in which direction would be most beneficial to us and I am sure speaking to a reliable but not an over zealous real estate agent would also prove to a good start as well. They have the knowledge when it comes to what type of mortgage would prove to be most beneficial.

Seriously looking at the market now and how the prices are falling at a snails pace I predict that we will not be actively looking until at least the end of the year but we still scan the papers and the net for that one specific home.

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