Monday, June 30, 2008

Dreams of remodeling

Every once in a while I fantasize about remodeling my home. I would love to update the kitchen and bathrooms with new Delta faucets. The ones that we have now are Delta but they are outdated. I have never had a problem with them. I just would like a newer style. I am weird that way, I guess.

We have three full baths. Although the only bathroom that has a shower only is downstairs. Apparently it used to be the laundry area but the previous owners moved the laundry area to one of the upstairs bedroom closets. I know, it's a dumb idea but it worked for them at the time I guess. I would love for the master bath to be a shower only. I am not one for baths unless it's in a huge whirlpool tub/spa deal.

I would love to be able to redo the wood floor also. The previous owner installed the floor himself and well…. It looks it. There is so much to do to our home that if I sit and really think about it, I always end up with a migraine. Someday, Chris and I will get to do what we want. I just hope we are not too old to enjoy it.

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