Thursday, June 5, 2008

It’s time to play Catch Up.

The weekend went by without any major problems. I spent most of my time trying to freaking understand FACTORING in algebra enough to adequately pass the quiz and test. I am getting a 91% so far in the class and there are two assignments that the Professor still has to grade so maybe it will bring my grade up a little. Algebra sucks donkey balls for me and I can't wait until it's over. Three more weeks to go.

Chris arrived an hour later than he was supposed to on Monday. The plane in Atlanta had some major mechanical problems and they decided to have all the passengers switch to another plane. Needless to say he was one tired man when we got home from the airport. The weekend with his daughter went fairly well. A lot better than he expected anyway. He anticipated them not even showing up but they did and that is a good start. I haven't gone into details but his daughter hasn't seen Chris since she was maybe a year old? Long story on why it went down that way and it is in the past. What is important is that they are working on establishing a relationship now that will hopefully last for years to come.

On Monday morning I picked up Kat and took her to her doctor's appt. I feel so bad for her. The pain is so apparent in her face alone. Chris took her to the ER on Tuesday night because the meds that her doctor gave her were not cutting it and after several hours at the ER, they were even clueless as to what was causing her pain. She has a post up about it. She can explain it much better than I could. After all she knows her body more than anyone. On Wednesday, We went back to her doctors and he gave her a different prescription. He also told her to see her surgeon as soon as possible. She has an appointment on Friday the 13th. I will be taking her to that one in Tampa. I don't mind doing it at all. She needs to know what is going on.

This morning I woke up to Aunt Flo visiting way to fucking early. Why is it that I can't estimate when she is coming anymore? She is two fucking weeks early. I know many of you are probably thinking I should be grateful that I am not pregnant and be happy she comes, but I wouldn't get pregnant, seeing as both my tubes are cut, seared and banded. It has been that way for 7 years now. No way on God's green earth is this chick getting pregnant. I hate Aunt Flo because of all the pain and suffering she causes me. I am only 37 years young and already I have been pushed into Pre menopause. I have been suffering through hot flashes, fatigue and weight gain for over 5 years now. Enough is enough. I want to be either full blown menopausal or done with it already! No more of this maybe or maybe not crap. Can you tell that I am moody?

Tomorrow Katie wants to go to the beach. Nothing like a beached whale at a beach eh? But since I promised her yesterday before the whole Aunt Flo issue, we are going. Hey I don't have to look good for anyone and Chris thinks I am sexy, although I think he looks through Stained rose glassed windows to see that but I am not going to argueJ

Ok… I have bended your ears for long enough. I have some housework to do and then it's off to prepare tonight's dinner. Kat and her boys are joining us for steaks, baked potatoes, salad and rolls. Not sure what I want for desert but something tells me it is going to be anything chocolateJ

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