Sunday, August 10, 2008

The kittens are a sneaky pair. ..

Our kittens are now familiarized with our home. They have met the dogs and are not the least bit interested in socializing with them at this point. It is cute however when they perch themselves on the loveseat that is upstairs that looks down into the family room. Every once in a while, Bentley, will start to growl in anticipation that one or both of the kittens will come down to play. I keep meaning to take a picture, but every time I have caught the kittens in action, the camera is not within reach.

We will need to get a new tv stand for our room. Belle and Cuddles have commandeered our old worn down stand and we have moved it so that they can utilize it as a cat house. Some old carpet and a few toys and they play in it for hours. I have to find a way to deter them from climbing onto the shelves in our closet. The easiest thing to do would be to just shut the closet doors, but Chris prefers that the closet doors stay open. So… I will have to come up with another way to take care of that problem. I have not had a cat since Jeff was younger than Katie. So I am not up to date on how to keep cats off of counters and tables. Anyone have any suggestions? These cats know that I like to put my drink on my night stand while I am upstairs folding clothes. I can't count how many times I have seen the two conspire to get my drink. Twice they have knocked it off the table. Luckily for them both times the glass was empty.


Kat said...

You need to get a spray bottle any plastic bottle with a sprayer, and keep it filled with water.
Every time they go near or on something they aren't supposed to and you catch them in the act, you give them a squirt.
The idea is to be consistent.
If you don't want them on the shelves while you fold the laundry, the spray bottle needs to be with you, and you need to spray them as soon as they climb up on it.

Also they make Apple Bitter, it deters cats from going places, clawing things etc, and it does NOT damage your furniture, no staining.

Mindy said...

Kat - I was mentioning this to Chris' mom today and she told me the same thing. So.. I guess the spray bottle it is:)