Monday, August 18, 2008

New school year and a Hurricane to boot!

The kids started back to school today. Everything was ready the night before so this morning went smooth as silk.

Jeff is a senior this year. I still can't get over the fact that by this time next year he will be a freshman in college (both fingers crossed). They grow up to damn fast! Jeff is excited about this being his last year in high school but he did wish to be able to at least spend one year in the new school. That won't happen because the new building will not be ready until next year. Officially his graduating class (2009) will be the last class of the old school.

Katie was so cute this morning. She had her clothes laid out from last night. She woke herself up, got herself dressed and packed her own snack while I made her breakfast. When I dropped her off she was more excited about getting the heck out of the car that she almost forgot to kiss me goodbye. She was decked out in all Hannah Montana clothes to even her shoes. She is growing up too fast!

I have been watching the updates of Tropical Storm Fay which I now believe is an official Hurricane. It figures. The kids are back to school and a Hurricane is headed in our direction. Not really sure where exactly it will make landfall. They are projecting somewhere north of Tampa but you know it can go anywhere! So... I have been filling jugs of water and stocking up on necessary survival items. We have batteries, flashlights, gas for the grill and the cooler is ready in case we need to put perishables in there. We have plenty of ice and the animals have enough food for two weeks.

I am not really worried about the storm itself but I am really nervous on the condition of the huge tree in our backyard. Every time we get a storm with some strong winds, the tree looses some good size branches. I can only imagine what is going to happen when winds sustaining at over 85 miles an hour is going to do. Hopefully if it does up root the tree it will fall away from the house. Otherwise this thing is going to take out the lanai and possibly the back wall of the house. We have warned the landlord several times but he has not done diddly. All I can say is good luck to the landman if that happens because we will be outta there in a heartbeat!

There is a lot of stuff that I am dealing with at the moment. I promise in the next few days I will let you know all about it. For now though I have tons of work to do...

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