Sunday, August 10, 2008

Menopause and weight loss

My mother and I have done some research in our quest to lose weight. My mother is in full blown menopause and I am what doctor's call premenopausal. She takes hormones and I do not. In our diet pill review we have been narrowing down our choices.

As many women may know or will know soon, is that when you are going through the "change of life" weight is put on without drastic changes in our everyday living behaviors. I am not a big eater and neither is my mom. We are as active as we can be. When it comes to losing weight, while going through the change is the challenge. Our metabolism is severely retarded. Seriously… We can walk and swim till we are exhausted and the weight does not come off.

We have dabbled in a few diet pills. Neither one of us is liking the jittery feeling, mood swings or the crash. Yet, we are determined to find that one pill that will work for our aging bodies. If we do come across it, I will be the first one to share with all of you. Guaranteed.

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