Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Calgon take me away!

I don't intend to neglect my blogging but sometimes it is the least of my priorities. With the kids back to school and making sure their homework is done and then making sure I keep on top of my own school priorities it doesn't leave me much time for myself.

Then of course I have to make sure my house keeps somewhat presentable and plan the week's meals and do the grocery shopping and whatever else comes up. I honestly do not know how some women can juggle all these things and still look perky. I am on the borderline of hating such women. Seriously!

Then there is Chris and his schedule and I know he works hard every day but he plays even harder. This weekend he will be going with his dad and partner for some Orlando golf outing to represent their company. This is the first time that Chris will participate so I am not upset about him going but he does golf with the associates at least once a week. And of course the company picks up the tab because they also entertain clients. Must be nice to get paid while having fun right?

I think when I get my cleaning business up and running I am going to take up something to be able to have the company right it off and get some "me" time as well. Maybe a spa treatment or manicure. I wonder if anyone has ever done that.

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RJ Flamingo said...

"...some women can juggle all these things and still look perky." What borderline? I do hate those women!

Heads up, girl - I've tagged you with a meme. Check me in about an hour!