Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Definitely not an A list blogger....

I am probably close to a Z list ( if there is such a thing). I don't blog every day because I don't always have something going on worth blogging about and I am not witty enough to be funny on the spot. With that said...

I am getting the house ready for company this Saturday. Jeff is having his 18th birthday party here at the house with family and friends. Although the house is not dirty it is most definitely cluttered. There are still pictures to be hung and a few boxes to be emptied and discarded. Chris and I cleaned and straightened the garage and now I am just going through everything to find out whether or not it is worthy to keep. So I have been extremely busy trying to get the house all nice and perfect before Saturday.

It's a little inconvenient cleaning other homes while I am trying to get things in order at my own, but hey... that's my choosing right? I have to say that with all the hustling around I am doing I am disappointed with my weight. I am much more active now than I have have been in over 6 months and there is no change in my diet. But I am not losing any weight at all. In fact I have consistently been gaining over the last several months. That is freaking ridiculous. I am really thinking of trying a diet pill like Leptovox but not sure I want to commit to something that may not work for me. How can someone at the age of 38 with a moderate exercise level and eating three meals a day lose weight without going on any fad diets or starvation (which really doesn't help anyway)? I know my metabolism is getting a boost when I clean because I sweat a great deal and my heart is pumping like a fiend. I am at a loss here. And the energy level? Nope not there. I force myself to get things done otherwise I would much rather sleep. I feel exhausted all the time. I don't think that's right.


AmyD said...

Can I just say I feel your pain? Not literally at the moment, but I've been there. There is not a whole lot worse than working your butt off and GAINING weight.

Have you considered breaking it down to 5 smaller meals? That keeps your blood sugar even all day and you might notice a difference then without having to sweat diets and garbage like that.

The other thing that might make a difference - maybe try aiming for 35 grams of fiber per day. I read a study that basically said that if we focused on that our weight would naturally balance.

Don't you hate internet assvice?
I'm sorry!! :)

Mindy said...

AmyD - I have thought about including more Fiber and starting on a new vitamin pack that promotes weight loss. It's just frustrating that I even let myself gain this much in the first place.