Thursday, January 1, 2009

This is not the way to bring in the New Year!

A neighbor down the street had a misfortune this afternoon. So far there are 7 vehicles belonging to the Sarasota Fire Dept lining the bottom half of my street. Chris took this from our driveway. You can barely make out which house but it is on the left with the garage doors open. I think they may have had a kitchen fire. Their garage doors were open and black/gray smoke billowed from the garage doors. Just about every neighbor was outside to watch our finest working.

Chris took this picture from the left of our street. That is the third ambulance waiting to see if their assistance is needed. To the right of the ambulance is the Mac Daddy of Fire trucks. He is waiting on the main road because there is no way he is getting down our street. This truck carries the huge ladder.

And here we have a Sarasota County Sheriff. He is parked right in front of our driveway. You can also spot an EMS unit just ahead of him on his left. Chris didn't get a picture of the Air Truck that carries all the Oxygen tanks for our firefighters. Needless to say that for at least 45 minutes our street was noisy with all these diesel fueled vehicles! We never really found out exactly what happened, but they did stop the fire from spreading and no one was carried out into any ambulances. One poor woman that couldn't drive down to her house came to us to see which house it was. She was coming from Sarasota Memorial where she took her mother last night suffering from a heart attack. She was shaking so badly hoping that her house was not the one in peril. She was more worried about her 17 year old son whom she had left alone. When we told her which house it was she let out a big sigh of relief but felt terrible for the woman whose house it really belongs to.
I didn't stay for everything since I had to take Jeff to his friends house. But when I got back twenty minutes later everyone was gone. The garage doors to the fire house where closed and not a single person was seen outside. It felt kind of morbid really.

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