Thursday, January 8, 2009

Explain yourself ABC Distributing....

My friend, Kat, has been ripped of by ABC Distributing . She placed an order for three comforters. One queen and two full sized. The total for the three comforters came to $146.04. The shipping charges however came to $141.88. That is just dollars off the order itself. First of all they shipped one comforter by itself and they charged her $46.08 then they shipped the last two together and charged her $95.80.

Chris and I have our own online company that specifically tells you the shipping amount when you place your order. Our items are shipped UPS all of the time. Typically it is based on region and then weight. You should never pay more than 18% of your purchase price for shipping PERIOD. So Kat's order came to $146.04. Add approximately 18% and you will have roughly $26.29 for shipping. What they charged was close to 98% of the purchase price. Can you say FRAUD? Also because it has been shipped from Illinois to Florida and it is crossing state lines it has now turned into a FEDERAL FELONY!!!!!

Kat did not know the amount of the shipping at the time of checkout because their site claims that "Shipping charges will be billed at the time of shipping and will depend on the weight, size and destinations of shipments. Shipping charges are calculated using UPS standard published rates, even though we may use other carriers to deliver your order. The shipping charge also will include the cost of any surcharges or insurance that may be imposed by the carrier."
I see a huge problem here folks. You can't tell me that this company would have absolutely no idea what the shipping charges would be seeing as they use UPS rates. It's not rocket science! Another thing to consider.... surcharges or insurance? UPS has flat rates! They do not charge extra for such things.

The next time anyone orders anything from online... make sure you know the shipping and if they try to give some song and dance about notifying you later? Cancel the order!

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