Saturday, January 3, 2009

Farewell O Christmas tree.


Well… our Christmas tree did not survive the cats. The poor thing gave up the ghost as we were taking it down. I guess it is a good thing we bought another one shortly after Christmas.

I can't say that we had it nicely decorated either. The lights pretty much stayed on but the ornaments were like toys to those two! Every time one of the cats batted an ornament out of the tree one of the dogs fetched it and brought it back to them. I think they had a conspiracy going on between the four of them.

There has been a lot of revamping going on at my house. Trying to put things where the cats can't go or get to anything of real value. Chris has been looking at tv lifts so that our tv is out of their way unless we are watching it. I honestly don't think it would stop the dueling twosome but Chris thinks it would help. When I sit at my computer, Cuddles will jump on the back of my chair and use me as a stepping stone to get onto my desk. When I tell her no and pick her up and set her on the floor she just gives me this look that seems to say that I had absolutely no right to do that! On top of that the dogs have started to defend their counterparts. If I go to scold one of the cats for knocking something off a counter the dogs will start whining at me like I am in the wrong! Although, they are amusing little stinkers, like when they hide out of site and wait for their prey playmates to come around the corner so they can surprise them.

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AmyD said...

My cats used the Christmas tree as some sort of fort. They could sleep behind it for hours and no one would find them.

Now the tree is gone and they are super, super mad.

And, I wonder why I have had my cell phone charger and USB cords chewed through.