Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oil + baths = practically no hair!

That's Bentley sticking his tongue out at Chris. Reese is laying down looking pretty and Cuddles is acting like she is sleeping** (far from it). This is what we are witness to every night at dinner. Belle usually lays down under the bird cage.

You may wonder why our Shih Tzu's are bald. Well not really bald but might as well be. They were victims of our neighbors stupid idea. He thought he could dump discarded oil over the fence and nobody would know. Bentley and Reese went outside to go potty and like they normally do, they chase each other around the yard. By the time they were done they were covered from head to toe in the sludge. Three baths later their fur was still a matted mess so Chris and I had to shave their hair off. Our kind neighbor denies any knowledge of the discarded oil. He is a lazy man in his 40's who lives with his grandmother ( I think that is what she is to him) She is very sweet but he is a MORON!!!

So... these poor babies have to endure colder temperatures with almost no hair. Chris told me that we should buy them some sweaters to keep them warm. I can see it now..... Bentley's would say something like " Handsome Boy" and Reese's would be " Drama Queen". LOL!

But seriously aren't they cute? Even with practically no hair! Here's a hypoallergenic dog for the Obama's!!!!
** Cuddles pretends to sleep.. what she really is doing is plotting her next attack on Reese. I think she is jealous of Reese because she doesn't like it when Bentley and Reese lay next to each other. She will squirm her way in between them! I am pretty sure that Cuddles has a crush on Bentley... I can't blame her, he is a handsome little boy!

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