Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Doing the necessary evil,

And by that I mean getting the house ready to move. In the process of going through our belongings and deciding what we need, or what we can donate to either the Salvation Army or Goodwill, we are downsizing considerably.  We could have had a garage sale but the last time we only made $20.00 for four hours of sitting in the hot sun.  We are not going to go through that again considering that we need to be out by June 30th. We are however, using Craigslist to sell the more valuable items.  There will be at least one sofa sleeper going up on Craigslist and a few other not needed items.  It may not bring in much money but it will save us from having to drag it with us.  I absolutely do not want to be taking the cumulative junk to the next house.  I was very clear on that with the family. 

When we cleaned our patio furniture, we discovered that our propane grill is rusting and falling apart.  The grill plates themselves have corroded considerably and we had to come to terms with getting rid of it all together.  Chris would like to invest in an electric grill in the far, far future.  He thinks that maybe that would be far more economical in the long run and we wouldn't have to worry about the propane tanks running out in the middle of cooking.  For now, we can survive not grilling anything or just borrow his parents portable grill. 

I also wanted to update everyone that we have indeed secured a home, but we will still need to come up with last months rent before we can move in.  Since we have to be out of the existing house by the 30th, it leaves only a few days to come up with the rest of the funds.  So again, and I am sorry if I sound like a broken record, if you could spare at least $1, it would help more than you know.


Kat said...

Mindy, you wrote you needed to be out by May 30th, you mean June 30th, so fix your post...LoL

I really hope that more donations start coming in. I'm going to Twitter it again.

I wish I could do more to help you guys, help packing moving, but I physically can't, so posting about it is all that I can do. I really hope that you guys can get all of the money that you need.

Mindy said...

Kat: Thank you for pointing out my brain fart:) Can you tell I am tired? People have been so generous and I can't stress enough how appreciative we are.

I know that you would help out in other ways if you could. What you have already done has been a tremendous help and we possibly couldn't ask for anything more.