Thursday, June 24, 2010

Getting ready for school early

With College resuming at the end of August, the "boys", meaning Jeff and Chris, are brainstorming on what is needed for their classes.  Jeff already has a laptop which has been convenient for his downtime during classes.  Chris is thinking of getting a notebook computer to due assignments when he has to wait for either Jeff to finish his classes for the day.  I am not sure if that will work though because I don't think you can run office or anything like that on it.  I think I have heard that those kind of computers are only good for surfing the net but I may be wrong. 

Both Chris and Jeff lucked out on their schedules.  They attend classes pretty much the same time with a few classes that are an hour or two apart from each other, but that will just allow them to get their homework done while waiting for the other to finish their class.  At least there will not be two vehicles needing gas on a regular basis and that alone will save money every month.  I think the experience of a father and son attending the same college will make them both accountable for keeping up the grades.  Knowing them they will make a competition out it.

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