Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Moffit Update.

I had completely  forgotten to update about the medical dilemma that I faced back in November of last year.  A week ago, yesterday, I had my six month check up at the Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa.  I was a little nervous going in, considering that I was experiencing the same symptoms, minus the noticeable lump in my throat. I figured that maybe another cyst was starting to form that hadn't gotten big enough to be visible.  My appointment was for 9:45a.m. and I arrived at 9:30.  The waiting room was packed. I had to wait about 5 minutes for a chair to become available.  Not that it really mattered since I drove for an hour to get there, so sitting was not a priority. 
What was annoying, was listening to this woman rant about how her husband, who was sitting right next to her, was a crybaby when it came to his Mesothelioma treatment and about how it was his own damn fault for getting the disease in the first place, because he worked for over thirty years as a school janitor in a school that oozed asbestos.  Really lady? I mean do you honestly believe that your husband would willing put himself in danger? How ignorant could you possibly be?  I felt so sorry for her husband who was just sitting there looking down at his feet not saying a word.  How can you treat someone you supposedly love like a piece of crap?  I will never understand that kind of mentality.

When I finally got in to see my doctor, she had nothing but good news.  I am free from all cysts at this moment and I won't have to go in for another check up unless something noticeable happens.  The only unfavorable part is that the numbness that I still have from my left ear down to my left shoulder will most likely be permanent and I will never get rid of the stiffness feeling in my neck.  When I described to her that it still felt like a brick was inside my throat she told me that was part of the stiffness.  So I guess I will just have to deal with it, which is way better than what could have been the alternative.  Because then, I would most likely be the crybaby in the waiting room, but my husband would be my rock and love me through it anyway. Attitude, tears and all.


Stella said...

Yay for good news. I suspect the woman you witnessed treating her husband so horribly was probably feeling sorry for herself at the thought of losing him. It doesn't make it right, but it certainly makes it better than... well thinking she was a horribly, cruel person. Selfish, definitely.

You know, you might want to consider finding an orthopedic massage therapist.

My son was told several years ago that he would have permanent immobility in his elbow after an accident on the school play ground when he was 10. He's lived for 8 years with stiffness and only about 90% of the mobility in that elbow. His friend bought him a massage for a graduation present. She fixed his elbow! It's good as new, full mobility, full extension.

And, she also fixed some of his other GI issues as well. It was amazing. Seriously.

She has LVN, CMT behind her name (not sure what they stand for but thought it might help you to locate someone if you wanted to) but what she does is called orthopedic massage.

And, his 30 minute session was about $45!

Mindy said...

Stella: I never thought of the lady acting that way as how maybe she was feeling. It does put it into perspective but she could have handled way better than she did that's for sure.

Thanks for the advice on the massage issue. My husband normally gives them to me when I ask but I am sure someone with way more experience would do a much better job;)

Kat said...

So glad to hear that it was all good news, no more tumor! Yay!