Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Child Support

It's been over a year now since I have had my child support case reviewed. This is a process that can only happen once every three years and it determines whether or not a change in the amount I get from my son's father will increase or decrease. This is the first time ever that they have reviewed my case since they implemented the order back in 1997. I should have had at least three by now but I somehow fell through the "cracks". I was the one that requested the review, I was the one that painstakinly "found" him, the courts and Child Support Enforcement of Ohio for some reason only had his parents address as his. The man hasn't lived there in over ten years. If they can garnish his wages every two weeks you would think they could get his address from his employer.
I have been receiving $102.30 monthly for my son, Jeff, for the past 8 years. My son will be 16 on the 27th of this month folks. So.. almost half his life I have not gotten one red cent from his father. Now that the Child support enforcement agency has established his income and it turns out that he does make more money than I do well lookey here folks he should be paying $623.00 a month. That recommendation came on April of 2006. It is January 9th 2007 and I am still waiting for this to end. My son graduates in May of 2009. Do you think it will be settled before then? I will hopefully find out on January 29th.
Oh and how is this for a slap in the face? The judge is considering the option to allow him to claim Jeff as a dependant on his taxes because his percentage for support would be significantly higher than mine. Uh hello? are we not going to take into account that I have been my son's primary supporter for 16yrs? 8 years of 102.30/month only adds up to $9,816.00. And if by chance he is ordered to pay the 623.00 for let's say two years well that's $14,952.00 add that together and we have a whopping $24,768.00. That's not even a years tuition in the college my son plans on attending folks. What about the fact that Jeff has NEVER met his father? What about the fact that I have had sole custody of my son since birth and I have always provided for him. He never went without the essentials. If I had to work 60-80 hours a week you bet your ass that is what I did. Granted my son spent his first few years calling my sister, Mom, but it was a sacrifice I had to do in order to make sure he was happy, healthy and most importantly loved. So the judge is considering to give the asshole a break? I don't think so...


kat said...

Child support, don't even get me started. I am lucky if I get $21 a week and it's been 12 years since our divorce and they have never increased it!

Mindy said...

What state was it opened in?

Belle said...

The justice system here really screws hardworking mothers over sometimes. I can't really complain, since my courts wanted me to take my ex to the cleaners, but didn't. However, my ex has paid the same amount for the past ten years as well, and probably should be paying more than he is. Our state did things differently, though. He was just ordered to pay 20% of his income for his two children.

I hope it all gets settled very soon.

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kat said...

My CS was opened in Maine so I'm dealing with both Florida and Maine. He has fathered a total of 6 kids so I guess I should be hapy I get anything at all. LOL


Mindy said...

Hey Kat,
It's odd that you have two cases one in Maine and Florida.. Florida doesn't ususally involve themselves in cases that are already open. Anyway... when was the last time you filed for a review? And it should not matter how many kids he has.