Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Craving a Mr. Hero

One of the few things that I am looking forward to going back to Ohio is a Mr. Hero sandwich. I have been craving it since I moved down here over two years ago. So I have already been teasing Chris about going to Mr. Hero's the first chance I get. It's too bad that they don't franchise down in Florida. They would make a killing. I have been trying to find a cheese steak close to a Mr. Hero and I am sorry Floridians you don't have anything close. So come Monday I am definately sinking my teeth into one of these mouth watering sandwiches.

Anyway to get my mind off that subject. I am getting real anxious to get this stupid child support hearing over with. I have talked several times with Jen, my best friend, who also happens to be the mother of Jeff's half sister, Cassie. Long story short, Roy dated us at approximately the same time and our kids are 7 months apart. We never let that interfere with our children growing up knowing that they are siblings. Cassie came down to visit us last Summer for two weeks. That's them feeding the flamingos:Jeff, Katie and Cassie.
I am going to do my best to see them while I am up in Ohio. Where my parents live and where they live now is about a 2 1/2 hour drive. Not going to be easy. They wanted to come to the hearing but I don't want them driving 3 + hours just so they can sit outside the courtroom. We have been discussing our hearings. Jen went for her first hearing back in mid December. We already know Roy is going to appeal any decision the Magistrate makes. I encourage Jen to have her case reviewed after Cassie was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes in October of 2005. Jen told me what to expect and how awful Roy looks. I would too if both my children's mothers were coming after me for more support. I didn't say I felt sorry for him but I bet Jen and I account for all the "white" hair he has. hahaha....

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