Saturday, April 12, 2008

I am not lazy....just super busy:)

It's been awhile but I have had things to do...

I did work the one day at my previous job and it was somehow different. I mean the people were the same and the job was the same but I felt weird. Like I truly didn't belong. The techs were funny as usual and the majority of them hated that fact that I would not be permanent but I was told how valuable I am and that they are working hard to bring me back. But with all that said, I thought to myself..."Do I really want to come back?" I am however filling in again while two of the office staff go to St. Louis for a Customer Service Seminar. I have worked Friday and will be working Monday-Wednesday of next week.

The kids have already been on Spring Break and we were still able to take them to Busch Gardens on the Friday before they went back to school. We didn't spend quite as much as we would normally but the kids didn't complain. It was good that we had season passes and we spent very little on snacks and ate our main meal outside the park.

I just finished my second term of school on Tuesday and I am pretty sure that I made the President's List again. I am noticing that each term is getting a little more involved. I had English Composition and Marketing which both had term papers that were a big part of the grade and it was very intense and involving but I did receive 100's on them. I need to be able to manage my time better so I do not have to burn the midnight oil so often. My next classes, College Algebra and Software Applications will start on Wednesday, April 16th. So I am trying to take advantage of the week off.

I have come up with an idea for a contest involving Regalo Boutique and you fellow bloggers. I don't want to give too much of it away but I promise if you check back before the weekend is over the post will be up and running.

Also if there is anyone that would like to ask me question just for the heck of it or to get to know me a little better... please ask away.

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