Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I would like to stay home...

I have been unemployed for over a month now. I have logged into the Florida data base of jobs almost everyday (weekends are my time damn it) and there is nothing out there that I am qualified for.
I have to go to the actual JOBS ETC place on Monday so that they can interview me and possibly place me somewhere. We shall see.
I actually like staying home and being there for the kids when they get home from school. I can stay on top of the house cleaning and do my homework in peace with no distractions... except for the dogs needing to go outside. So when the man of the house comes home, dinner is ready or almost ready and we have the evening of peace. No rushing around to get things done because I am just getting home myself. I am not as tired or cranky and my migraines are almost nil.
But... the extra money that I made helped. So.. I would love to stay home and make money. Any suggestions on how to make decent money by staying home? I would love for some feedback. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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