Saturday, April 19, 2008

Same (bleep) different day.

I have been working hard on the algebra and damn I feel like my brain will implode any second now. I am taking a break so I thought I should post to keep you all up to date.

I spoke to the Human Resource Dept ( owner's wife) on Thursday regarding the pay I received. It turns out that the owner told the office manager to inform me that he could only pay $10.00/hour. It would have been fine and I would have worked anyway... but her not telling me made me a little leery. Did she think I wouldn't have filled in? Just be straight with me and there won't be any problems. Geez.. I am not a monster and the money helped.

Yesterday, we took my parents out to dinner to celebrate my dad's 61st birthday. They had a great time and I know my parents were grateful just to go somewhere. They have spent some money on a new water heater and they are redoing the kitchen. So a break was good for them. Afterwards we brought an apple pie back to their house to eat. I would love to help them out this weekend painting and replacing the floor but this algebra is a monster and I really want to keep my GPA.. so all the studying and work needs to pay off.

Also a reminder people to submit your ideas for the contest being held for Regalo Boutique. The details are here.


Mr. Fabulous said...

Algebra? That will kill you!

Mindy said...

Fab: Tell me about it! Thanks for the support too by the way;)