Monday, April 14, 2008

Now I know why I don't miss it...

that's my old job that is... It's the whining and the complaining by customers that didn't bother to listen to me in the first place. Why do people ask you questions when they are not going to bother to listen to the answer. Do we live in a nation full of morons? Do we? I can't believe how some people actually live in that frame of mind. I have had my ass chewed out and served back to me several times today.
If you would have bothered to listen to one word I frickin said we would not be having this conversation right now!
People, it is the year 2008. We are not in the 1950-1970's anymore. Shit does not come free. Inflation has hit more than a handful of times since you were working and my goodness I am sure glad you know exactly what is wrong with your toilet so why are you calling me?
Ok.. enough ranting. I have a migraine and I am going to bed. Just to wake up and deal with this bullshit tomorrow. I am such a glutton for punishment!


Mr. Fabulous said...

People SUCK.

Not you or me, of course. OTHER people.

Mindy said...

Fab - :) I was just thinking the same thing when I wrote that post. I am sure you get your fair share of morons when you are working:)