Sunday, April 13, 2008

She never misses a beat…

Kat is always on top of things in the blogosphere. I posted the contest for Regalo Boutique last night and by this morning she already had a post about it. She may think she doesn't have the skills to enter the contest but I know she under estimates herself. She is a very gifted woman.. I mean have you seen her jewelry creations? I know she has many pieces for sale although she hasn't been able to actually sit down and create more, which she does hope to start back up in the future, when she receives the official word from her doctor that she can resume. I really suggest that you check her blog and her jewelry out! She is a single mom to two teenage sons and believe me that is not an easy thing to do. Shoot I have one teenage son and I am already pulling my hair out. Kat on the other hand rules with an iron fist but loves like no other I have seen before.

So Kat, Thank you once again for your amazing support and thoughtful words. You truly are an amazing friend.

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