Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Uncle Phil has returned

Uncle Phil, Chris' best friend, has come to stay with us for a month before going back to London to finish out his last year at the University. So…this weekend has been all about cleaning the house and rearranging Jeff's room to accommodate both the twin beds.

Yesterday the kids and I watched a couple of movies to pass the time away awaiting Uncle Phil's arrival. Chris had to pick him up from the Orlando International Airport. That's a 2 – 2 ½ hour drive from Sarasota. They got in about 9pm last night. Both the kids were excited and stayed up an extra hour just to be able to visit with him before bed. The dogs got their share of Uncle Phil too. Bentley of course was his usual standoffish P.I.T.A. at first but he quickly warmed up to him. Cuddles and Belle apparently warmed up to him quickly too because they never once came into our room last night.

While Phil is here, I will take him clothes shopping and to renew his driver's license so he can rent a car for the remainder of his stay. He is hoping that the car rental place accepts international credit cards since that is all he has at the moment. He needs clothes in the worst way. He went with 7 pairs of jeans about three years ago and has two left. He doesn't like how the jeans in London fit him. They like their clothes tight and forget about getting the size shoe he needs. No one in London wears a size 13. So we will be off to the mall either today or tomorrow.

Chris is beaming that Phil is here. Those two are like brothers. They are like little kids eager to get into trouble. I sat up with the two of them until midnight laughing at the two of them. The both of them are going to be heart broken by the time September is over.


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