Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Germany bound hopefully.

It is a good thing that my mom retired in May of this year and started to collect her social security benefits.  She wouldn't have been able to take the time off at the start of Florida's season.  My dad is scheduled for knee replacement surgery on September 2nd, and with the rehab and the need for my mom's help, there would have been no way her boss or the condo association that she worked for would have allowed time off.

My dad is a little nervous and apprehensive about the surgery but there have been many friends of my parents that have gone thought it themselves.  Surgery isn't what it used to be. Recovery is a lot faster now then it was even ten years ago.  My own surgery recovery was a complete surprise to me.  I remember the difficulty that I had when I had a cesarean section back in 1991.  It took months before the pain and discomfort went away completely. When I had surgery last November, I was so shocked at the minimal pain that I had and how fast I healed.  It was like night and day.

My dad almost cancelled his trip with my mom and the church choir in December to Germany because he thought he wouldn't be up to par.  His surgeon assured him that he would be a new man and walking without pain at least a month prior to the trip. 

 I am hoping that it all goes well and in December my parents are able to go to Germany.  My dad has relatives in Munich that he hasn't seen since he was stationed there back in 1967 while he served time in the Army. He would visit the family on the weekends. He has so many fond memories of hanging out with our relatives and he would like to be able to go back and visit and also show my mom around. 

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